3 things from this week (#6), the millenial edition

Let’s face it: I’m not very good at this. 

Writing is hard. Not hard like depression or grief, of course. But not hard like growing your nails when they’re naturally brittle, or not eating the whole bag of chips, either.

For me, writing is about as hard as getting out of bed on a Saturday morning after a long week of 9-to-5 work. It’s about as hard as making your first dentist’s appointment in five, six years. It’s about as hard as saying no to a friend, or responding to an email that’s been sitting in your inbox for four, five days—about as hard as not apologizing to anyone, about anything, for an entire day.

It’s about as hard as deciding whether to reach out to a friend who you know has been going through tough times but didn’t reach out to immediately, and so you’re stuck in this weird place of not knowing whether it’s already too late, and maybe the friendship is ruined and over and done.

Writing for me most days is not writing at all; it’s thinking about it, getting excited, then getting delayed, then getting distracted, and ultimately, forgetting until the next day, or the next week.

So, yeah, writing is hard. But I like it.

And so I thought I’d make it easy. I thought, “let’s come up with a formula.” I thought, “three things a week—perfect. Simple, factual, easy.”


1) Lana’s new song.


Just cuz.

2) Lovesick, s02e08.


Because it took Lovesick (AKA Scrotal Recall, as I’ve just learned) a few episodes to grow on me, but “Abigail (Part 2)” was the point of no return, and I’m now eagerly waiting for season 3.

3) Drawing!

I used to draw a lot as a kid, and then I stopped. I started again last week. It’s hard for sure, but less so than writing. I’m going to try and keep at it.

Have a chill week,